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Our simple and easy to use activity tracker allows you to plan and schedule your training with ease.

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Our training series is compiled of over 150 exercises and workouts from perfecting your first touch to reaching your peak level of fitness.

Regardless if you're a beginner or an academy player, we have a wide variety of skills and drills to help you progress further into your football career.

With new content added monthly, you get access to the latest and best training drills and never run out of ways to improve.


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Game Brain is a performance analysis training tool that was created to give players a step-by-step understanding of professional players’ decisions, tactics and strategies.

Using the knowledge and expertise of our Premier League analysts we have created the perfect tool to not only train like a pro, but think like a pro.

"I went from the local Sunday league to training with the Australian national team in 24-months. I owe that to training Effectively."

Nick Humphries

Founder of Effective

Nick Humphries
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Gabe Quesada | FC Boulder U/23 Centre-Half

"After two days, there is a significant increase in my confidence, which is translating to increased performance.

I find myself demanding the ball, instead of being afraid of it. My favourite areas are the Game Brain and a legit workout tracking system!"

Jaydee Nicholson | Nike Academy ‘The Chance’ Winner

"You're going to be blown away by how many options there are inside Effective.

Once I watched the Game Brain video before a match, and I then replicated what I watched and scored a goal because of it."

Katharina Baumann | FC Köln

"I have never been the most talented player. But I trained on my own every day and one year later I was one of the key players.

Another year later I earned a scholarship for a college in America. Effective does not only offer drills but also helps you to become a smarter player."

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